1. Foundation Brushes:

The key purpose of a foundation brush is to make it easy to add the base or base seamlessly to the face. Strong quality brush creates a difference worldwide. If you choose to use the wrong brush, you will appear cakey and swallowed up. A good quality foundation brush helps you to comfortably blend the foundation and drive the cream through the skin to give it the most natural appearance.

2. Concealer Brushes:

A concealing brush for spot correction is best. Concealer brushes are used as the name suggests for rounding out concealers–to make the cream appear as natural as it can on the face. Always pair it with a concealing brush. You can not transfer the item, but keep the drug carefully on the skin to mask the location.

3. Stippling Brushes:

This is another brush you should use on your makeup. The base brush lets you carry the polish effortlessly into the surface, but the tool is a curved feel. You can note that the ends of the brush are very soft, feathery compared with the base if you examine the brush carefully.


4. Angled Blush Brush: An angled blush brush requires the blush to be accurately applied. The curved form of the brush helps the cream to be gathered and poked very gently on the cheeks so as to appear normal. 5. Powder Brush: The key task of this makeup brush, without having it appear as though it was the spirit of The Grudge, to coat the face with loose or packed makeup. You should set up and adjust the makeup using a strong powder brush. 6. Highlight Fan Brush: The handles in a feeding tube brush was made especially for highlighters. The curls are stretched such that a minimal volume of liquid is removed by the hair. It is then dusted gently on the upper cheekbones and other parts of the face to be highlighted. The best approach to stop using too many is to head in with a small eye. 7. Blending Brush: If it comes to brushes, a blending tool is a necessity. You can’t use your fingertips for that. A strong blending tool lets you smooth rough lines after adding the eyeshadow. The key to the flawless look of the eyeshadow is to combine, to match and to combine once more if you think you’ve blended well enough.

Foundation Brush

Concealer Brush

Stippling Brush

Highlight Fan Brush

Angled Blush Brush

Blending Brush

Powder Brush